Changing the Contractor experience one client at a time!

We don’t start at 6AM and we answer our phones.
Our Goal is not only to create a beautiful space for you, but to provide an enjoyable experience through the process.

Hello? Hello?

Having a hard time getting a hold of a contractor? We make it a point to answer our phone at every opportunity. Communication is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with our clients. We all value our off-time, spent with family, but thanks to modern technology there are few times that we haven’t been able to be reached when needed. Phone calls, texting, emailing, and FaceTime have been huge assets to staying in communication with our clients.

Your Satisfaction is our next advertisement!

Building nice homes is easy. Building good relationships takes effort. We have made it a point at Woodmark Homes to spend less time on self promotion and more time on customer satisfaction, whether it be a craftsman, mid-century, modern, or historic project. This is your home. It is our job to deliver your dream. We strive to make your project an enjoyable and painless process. There is no greater satisfaction at the end of a project than seeing clients that are happy with their new space and the process to get there.

Keep moving forward

Our success is not in how we handle the things that go right, but how we handle the things that don’t. Challenges present themselves in every project. Our goal is to find the shortest path to the solution and keep moving forward. Regardless of the problem, we work hand in hand with the architects, engineers, designers and inspectors to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s about the journey

Although our (Mark and Jeff’s) opinions are as different as night and day at points, together we share one goal: to enjoy the process and have fun. Our long time sub contractors are family to us, and more times than not you will see us on site having a laugh. The job always gets done, we might as well enjoy the journey!

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